Plot & Prose

Editing and Proofreading


As a fellow writer, I respect your art. When the words start to flow and the plot falls perfectly into place, writing can feel almost magical. My commitment is to provide friendly, professional editing that enhances your natural talent but never seeks to strip your story of your voice or vision.  


My copyediting will correct grammatical errors, discover typos, improper and/or missing punctuation, incorrect word usage and misspellings. I will gently point out the unconscious repetition of words, unscramble mixed metaphors and monitor sentence structure variety. A thorough proofreading of the edited manuscript is included. I will also, if necessary, comment on any confusion in the story's plot, characters, organization or pacing, with the goal of producing a tightly written story that readers will enjoy. A line editing fee will be charged for those manuscripts that require substantial re-writing to achieve clarity of sentence structure and or meaning.



Are you wondering whether or not your plot has holes? Or if your story is just fizzling out at the end? Do you have a nagging feeling that your story meanders without a focus but you have no idea how to fix it?  Are you missing opportunities to weave in an engaging subplot? Could upping the stakes make your story an even better page-turner? My developmental editing service will analyze your story for missed potential, opportunities for higher stakes, and easily added subplots that will add depth to your story. 




Proofreading will correct typos, misspellings, incorrect word usage and obvious spacing errors.  Perfect for diligent self-editors and manuscripts that have already been published but are receiving critical reviews citing typos and grammatical errors. 



Copywriting will whittle down the content of your story into an enticing blurb for your novel's product page. An add-on service for proofreading and editing clients only. Perfect for the exhausted writer.

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