Plot & Prose

Editing and Proofreading


 "I've been going through your edits.  It's all really good stuff.  I wish I would have found you to edit my first two books.”

“It's so good to have a second pair of eyes on my book. I've read it over so many times that I don't know if I am seeing it clearly anymore. Thank you so much for everything!”

“Thank you for all your help. I will recommend your services to my other author friends, and I will probably be using your services in the future.”

 “I'm going through your comments and I appreciate all of them. “ 

"I love the way you were able to understand what I wanted to express and captured all the details that were missing."

“I have been very motivated by your recommendations, I have been working hard on the novel, I'm changing quite a few things, simplifying, and moving things forward.”

"You’ve done a brilliant job."